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Helping breast cancer patients

We are committed to helping members of our community who are challenged with breast cancer. A number of our staff and family members have been victims of breast cancer. “Save Ourselves” (SOS) is a local nonprofit consisting of breast cancer survivors and health professionals that assist cancer patients by sharing their experience and knowledge through support groups, hotlines and meetings. SOS was extremely helpful to us in our time of need: helping us to understand what to expect, available options, and key contacts. SOS made the process much easier and the outcome more positive.


Spreading the SOS word

We want to help breast cancer patients by making them aware of this great organization. We are helping increase awareness through mailings to our patients and here on our web site. If you know of anyone with breast cancer please pass this information on to them so they can benefit from SOS as we did.


You refer a patient to us… We’ll make a donation to SOS

To help SOS continue their amazing efforts, we will make a donation to SOS for every new patient we see. You can help us help SOS simply by referring folks to us. They will receive top-notch, personal dental care and we will all be helping SOS continue their work helping breast cancer patients and families.