Pursuing Dental Excellence

Our dentists share a common philosophy: That our responsibility is to provide you with honest dental advice and top-quality dental care at a reasonable cost.

Personal Attention & Dental Excellence

Our dentists share a common philosophy. They are kind and gentle dentists who share passion for their work, staff and their dental patients. They demonstrate a true desire to provide honest dental advice and fair value for top-quality dental care. Dr. Grove take the time to get to know you, understand your needs and to talk with you to make you comfortable with your treatment decisions and procedures.

Dr. Grove are men of integrity that patients know they can trust to provide the best dental advice and care to meet their individual dental needs and budget. Part of their philosophy is a belief that achieving and maintaining dental health is an important part of every person’s well-being. They are committed to providing education for preventative dental care and to provide the same high level of quality care from the most complex treatments to routine procedures. Equally important to Dr. Grove is a commitment to stay current through continuing education and dental study groups.

Dr. Eric W. Grove


Commitment to Quality & Comfort

Dr. Grove earned a bachelors degree in Biology from Pacific Union College. After graduating from college, he pursued a career in teaching. He also pursued a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences at Loma Linda University. His master’s research took him to a small, uninhabitated island in the Bahamas to study iguanas.

After looking at lizards, he accepted a job teaching at a boarding academy in North Carolina. During his two years in North Carolina, he started volunteering at The Free Clinic, a charitable dental and medical clinic. It was there that he developed a passion for dentistry as another way to help people. So with the encouragement of the dentists he worked with, he pursued dentistry at Loma Linda University.

While in dental school, he was involved with various projects. Some of his most enjoyable were mission trips he took to Madagascar and China to provide dental care for those in need.

Doctor Grove is committed to providing quality dentistry in a comfortable and friendly environment. He believes that prevention is key to a healthy, life-long smile.

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